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While many lawmakers continually praised the investigation as a democratic and necessary check on government power, some criticized it as politically motivated. Barr made a summary of the report public. The report summary stated that the Special Counsel found two main Russian efforts to influence the election.

Barr then explained in the summary that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein decided not to charge Trump with obstruction of justice. He emphasized that this decision was made due to lack of evidence rather than consideration of legal privileges to which a sitting president may be entitled.

Nunes: 'There Is Collusion Between Russia and Democrats'

Paul Frymer, who teaches politics and directs the Program in Law and Public Affairs at the University, also framed the findings as a short-term success for the president. By Jack Graham Sep 21, pm.

Mueller's Russia investigation extends beyond collusion - The Globe and Mail

By Leo Vassallo Sep 20, am. By David Veldran Sep 19, pm.

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That case would sink any other leader in any other western country. Any previous president of the United States would need to start lawyering up for impeachment. One part is about Russian interference in the election, which Trump has repeatedly dismissed as a Democratic excuse for why Hillary Clinton lost. So Barr made it for him. Now, you might be wondering why a sitting president would sail so close to the wind that he might just be guilty of obstruction of justice.

Beyond Altruism, Duty or Collusion. Introducting Solidarity into Economics

Then again, normal people asked the same questions of Richard Nixon, who infamously demonstrated that the cover-up could be worse than the crimes of Watergate. It might be too much to imagine this tweet-raging president quitting office under threat of impeachment, as Nixon did. In particular, US and state attorneys in New York are peeling away the layers of the stinking onion that is the Trump family business.

Those layers include hush money to a porn star , fraudulent statements to lenders and insurers about real estate, a sham family foundation and corruption involving foreign donations to an inaugural committee. Especially if the investigation Trump feared was far more about his business than his election. Winning both the Senate and House would have set up a titanic clash between Congress and the White House, the kind of clash White Houses have often won in time for re-election. In the same way, a clear and damning Mueller report would have set up a titanic clash over impeachment: a process that would fail in this Republican-controlled Senate, no matter the evidence presented. But party leadership, and election veterans, know short-term disappointment offers a long-running advantage.

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It means a year of more congressional revelations and a year of more indictments.