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Communication Yearbook 27 is devoted to publishing state-of-the-art literature reviews in which authors critique and synthesize a body of communication research. Prothetik Sym Snow-Dent Berliner Zahn PKO USA: Quintessence Publ. Spanien: Editorial Quintessence, S.

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Japan: Quintessence Publishing Co. Polen: Wydawnictwo Kwintesencja Sp.

Volume 7 (1988): Issue 1 (Jan 1988)

Treffen Sie uns bei Sortierung: Datum Autor Titel. Ceramics articles by David Korson, Donald Cornell, Irfan Ahmad, and other feature techniques for esthetic restorations. Quintessence of Dental Technology QDT features Naoki Aiba's technique for creating the ideal cervical contour for closing interproximal space.