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Google Scholar. Yuxiang Jiang Yuxiang Jiang.

Author and Article Information. Ifiyenia Kececioglu. Mar , 1 : 7 pages.

  1. Chapter 2: The Porous Medium.
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  3. Geology and paleontology of Canal Zone Panama Tertiary Tertiary 2 Vermetidae to Thaididae.
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Computing Porosity and Permeability in Porous Media with a Submodel

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Chapter 10: Flow through porous media

Article Activity Alert. Cited By Web Of Science Fluids Eng January Prediction of turbulent flow over a flat plate with a step change from a smooth to a rough surface using a near-wall RANS model J. A coupled overset mesh and hybridizable discontinuous Galerkin algorithm for pseudo-compressible flow J.

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Fluids Eng September, Heat Transfer July, Heat Transfer January, Fluids Eng July, Close Modal. Thermodynamics of fluids under flow. Thermodynamics of Fluids Under Flow. Essentials of Multiphase Flow in Porous Media.

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  • Nonlinear Engineering.
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  • Tracer Technology: Modeling the Flow of Fluids. Percolation Theory for Flow in Porous Media.

    Flow of Fluids Through Porous Materials - Collins

    Surfaces of nanoparticles and porous materials. Percolation theory for flow in porous media. Flow and Transport in Fractured Porous Media. Flow-Through Bio Chemical Sensors.

    Flow of Fluids Through Porous Materials

    Materials and Fluids Under low Gravity. Physics Through the s: Plasmas and Fluids.

    Fundamentals of Fluid Flow in Porous Media

    Flow Induced Alignment in Composite Materials. Recommend Documents. Pinder University of Vermont William G.