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God's Design: A Focus on Old Testament Theology - E. A. Martens - Google книги

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See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview How does one summarize the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament? How might one determine the message of the Old Testament with others?

God's Design, 4th Edition: A Focus on Old Testament Theology

This book attempts an answer to these questions. The answer is taken from a single Scripture passage, Exodus , which is here considered a theological ""Table of Contents"" for the Old Testament. In addition to such topics as Deliverance, Community, and Experiencing God, the book has an extended discussion on ""Land,"" a subject which deals with a wide range of interests but which only rarely receives attention in books on biblical theology.

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The current edition features reflections and a set of discussion questions following each of the seventeen chapters--a boon for university and seminary teachers and students, and of large help for church study groups. Through his careful exegesis of individual texts, judicious synthesis of fundamental theological concepts, and an engaging literary style, readers learn how the motifs of salvation, covenant, divine revelation, and land all play together in God's grand design of creation and redemption.

Martens' presentation is neither overly technical nor esoteric; on the contrary, he often pauses to guide us in relating biblical theology to life. I am delighted that through the republication of this volume another generation of readers of Scripture will have ready access to his brilliant work. Block, Gunther H. Knoedler Professor of Old Testament, Wheaton College ""God's Design provides the best traits of a good Old Testament Theology: thematic focus on God and his work with his creation and his people; clear, concise writing by a veteran scholar; sound and irenic evangelical teaching; and a method that can be used by students, pastors, and scholars.

Martens' wise, careful, and helpful volume deserves wide use. I am grateful for this fourth edition, and look forward to introducing my students to it. The diachronic presentation of key biblical themes illuminates the nuances and development of God's revelation. What is the significance of the Messianic hope in the Hebrew Bible? What ethical teaching does the Hebrew Bible provide on either Sabbath or Jubilee or the family or war or slavery and how should this be applied today? To what extent does Jon Levenson succeed in re-assessing the importance of the doctrine of resurrection in the Hebrew Bible?

How are anthropological and theological understandings the laws of purity and defilement laws in Leviticus and Numbers relevant to mission in shame and cultures? Is it possible to summarise the theology of the Hebrew Bible in a coherent and systematic way? How should we understand the relationship between the theologies of different historical periods in the religion of ancient Israel? Are there different theologies in the different blocks of writings?

How are we to link the theology of the Old Testament with that of the New? Is there a single theme, scheme, or motif sufficiently comprehensive to include within it all varieties of OT viewpoints? And how do the agendas and assumptions of those involved in Old Testament Theology affect their approaches and conclusions? Key Reading: Martens, E. Is it possible to write a coherent OT theology without distorting the OT itself? The ways of Eichrodt and von Rad are no longer adequate.

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  6. There is no consensus among us about what comes next" Brueggemann. Describe and evaluate the structure, content and method of a major work of OT theology. Outline your own proposals for an OT theology. Additional Reading Barr, J. Barr covers just about all the issues in Old Testament Theology from a critical perspective but stops short of writing one himself!

    B Brueggemann, W. Long, C Brueggemann, W. Linafelt, T. USA: Fortress, pp. Dyrness, W. A good recent survey of key questions.

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    B Hayes, J. The history of the discipline fleshed out. B Lemke, W. Key Readings Brueggemann, W. The Revelation of God in the Hebrew Bible and 5.

    God's Design, 4th Edition: A Focus on Old Testament Theology

    The Names of God In these sessions we will be concerned with questions like, how is God revealed? What are the names and titles of Israel's God? How, when and with what consequences were these names revealed? How do the names of Israel's God relate to those of the Gods of the surrounding nations?

    Did Israel speak of its God using borrowed names? Traditional study of the character of God begins with his names and attributes. The name is sometimes drawn from current usage but filled with a new meaning. It frequently serves as an adjective or adverb as well as a substantive noun, e.

    But the names by which we are allowed to address him gather up what is shown to us, relatively to our powers, of his working and of his will. Why is revelation important as a category in biblical OT and systematic theology? Where would we be without it? What is the relation between general and specific revelation? What are the media of revelation in the HB? What is the significance of names in Hebrew thought? Would it be more significant if Moses knew or did not know the name which God revealed to him at the burning bush?

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    How does our answer to this question affect our understanding of the nature and authority of scripture? How does the name of God in the HB relate to the name of Jesus? How do we translate the names of God into other languages, cultures and worldviews animist, Hindu, Buddhist, Islam, etc. The uniqueness of YHWH - other names, other gods? We consider the classical study of the attributes of God, including his holiness, love and anger, and his activity in saving, blessing, judging and forgiving.

    What is the meaning and message of the names of God? How are they related to the names of the divinities of other religions, both in the Ancient Near East and today? What does this tell us about the process of contextualisation? But the names by which by which we are allowed to address him gather up what is shown to us, relatively to our powers, of his working and of his will. Westcott "The divine names are not names which man gives to God but names given by God to himself.

    Gilliland, D. What do we mean by the "emergence of monotheism"? Craig Bartholomew et al Carlisle: Paternoster, , pp. Evil and a God of Love Reading to be given 8. Myth And History In The Hebrew Bible "It is important to give attention to the question of myth and history, not only because there are scattered references to mythology in the OT, but more importantly because so many people in Asia and elsewhere in the third world understand themselves in terms of myth.

    The elements properly considered mythological in the Bible have been the subject of great debate. Some feel that certainly the OT writers borrowed Babylonian and Canaanite mythological elements to use them in their picture of the world. Especially is this true, these scholars would say, in case of the creation and flood stories A Goldingay on history, criticism and faith Johnstone, W. What is meant by myth? Can the term be usefully applied to the narratives of Genesis 1 - 11? What is the relationship between history and myth?

    Both these truths are celebrated in genesis - a.

    God's Design : Focus on Old Testament Theology

    What place does the doctrine of creation have in the theology of the Hebrew Bible? How can the theology of creation be relevantly applied in mission today? What about the nations?

    There are two words which capture in essence the relationship between God and his people Israel, election and covenant. Election is the act of choice whereby God chooses an individual or a group for a purpose or destiny which he has appointed. The choice is based on God's own merit, not that of the person or people elected. Covenant is a solemn agreement which binds two parties together, in this case, God and Israel. Eichrodt saw the covenant as the central concept of the HB. He suggests that the idea of the covenant cuts across all the various divisions and strata of the Old testament and that all other concepts could be related to the covenant idea.

    Topics for discussion 1. Reading: Dyrness W Ch. A stimulating overview of the role of the nations. A helpful attempt to outline different Christian perspectives. Old Testament Theology Vol. There are at least seven covenants in the HB. These can be divided into three different types which include: royal grants, parity and suzerain - vassal. The first is an unconditional grant, the second is an agreement between two equal parties and the third is a conditional agreement in which a conqueror regulates his relationship with the vanquished.

    The new covenant in Jeremiah 31, an unconditional royal grant, points to the future and the envisaged relationship between God and his people.