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NET on. NET Core will interop with existing C code in the same great way it does today. Visual Basic As an example, if C 8. Over the last few years, Microsoft has added features to C and. NET to create better infrastructure and make the tools you use and the applications you write faster. This benefits Visual Basic programmers. Not all APIs in. With exceptions like these, most evolving APIs will be available for Visual Basic and there are several interesting features we will consider for Visual Basic NET has a dedicated programmer base that includes hundreds of thousands of developers.

Microsoft will continue to work on the right balance of stability and innovation for Visual Basic. As we build out Visual Basic Follow Kathleen.

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From what I am reading it does not look like asp. I understand you want to put a stake in web forms, and I have no issues with that but no web developement in VB at all? Screw this I moving over to Python as my primary web language. I am very sorry to see how the VB. NET language and the programmers that use it are downplayed. Obviously, Vb. Net programmers have had to learn C , F and any other language because MS does not deliver timely documentation and examples in VB.

Net Core? Somebody will program some new system knowing that another language of the same manufacturer will be very advanced in comparison.

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Having just got a request to port something of mine from. FX to. Core for a potential new customer, having read this and run the portability analyser i thought great shoudlnt be tooo hard, but it seems that winforms still isnt supported by VB cant create a winforms.

Sure i used Mid, LCase, Ubound, Trim in the early days and if need be one could easilly write ones own implementation of those, even better would be a roslyn based refactoring support to convert the old way into the new way.

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I use My, mainly My. Resources as its so much easier, but things like My. File and IO. Just noticed the lack for formatting in my prev comment, we cant even put a simple line break in the comments so sorry about that. I just want the grammar of vb.

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There are plug-ins for converting vb. How can official support be so difficult? At the moment, this remains impossible, both in VS and in the dotnet command prompt. Just installed VS and was prompted for a survey. First question was about language preference. MS just keeps on buring bridges. I too am saddened by Microsoft downgrading vb. I have been a VB programmer for a long time. Very little C or large C type language syntax other than maybe a semicolon at the end of every line.

The MVC is a complex architecture that is in many ways overkill for a website or web application.

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Microsoft's Windows Azure Platform Appliance integrates private, hybrid and public clouds. Manage Choosing the best strategy for Silverlight developers Learn why many Silverlight developers are trying to figure out the best way to transition their existing Silverlight applications to HTML5. Topics Covered.

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    Understanding the testing tools in Visual Studio Get an overview of the testing tools available in Visual Studio. Get Started browser A browser is an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Get Started. View All Get Started. Sections from across SearchWinDevelopment. Zenoss automates transition to cloud-based IT monitoring In an effort to improve the user experience while transitioning from on-premises to cloud-based monitoring, Zenoss has added new Even on the database side, there are SQL Server Data Tools that come with templates for testing against the stored procedure layer.

    Testing is an inseparable part of the software development process today, and the Microsoft stack comes well equipped for this new reality. The online ecosystem for Microsoft products is one of the largest in the industry.

    After all, Microsoft was started by Bill Gates, a software developer himself, who saw the wide adoption by developers as the key to proliferation of Microsoft products. That meant providing these developers with lots and lots of support. Microsoft was among the first to encourage its employees to blog about the technology they were working on, and while the rest of the industry has certainly caught up, the amount and the quality of instructional videos, guides and articles coming directly from Microsoft today is still very impressive.

    That layer of quality online content is supplemented by a large number of community-based support ecosystems such as StackOverflow, which are not as consistent when it comes to content quality, but are, nevertheless, far more helpful than not. Lastly, there is always an option to pick up the phone and call Microsoft support. I rarely had to use it, but there were a handful of production emergencies when having Microsoft devs analyze core dumps saved the day. The range of support options is clearly a factor in favor for going with the Microsoft stack. Microsoft sticks to its guns, which is good for those of us who have to make technology choices without having a magic eight ball to tell us what technology trend will dominate the software landscape in the future.

    Going with the Microsoft stack ensures that time and money is invested into technology that will be supported even if it falls out of favor with the industry. A decade ago, I was spending about 50 percent of my time working in Visual Studio and about 50 percent in other tools.

    Today, the split is overwhelmingly in favor of Visual Studio. The same can be said about working with Microsoft Azure, a cloud platform encompassing a variety of services from database hosting to mobile services. Visual Studio obfuscated the complexities of distributed cloud infrastructure making the experience of developing cloud applications consistent with that of developing applications not hosted in the cloud. All the pieces seem to fit together nicely under the umbrella of Visual Studio, making the overall development process very efficient.

    Today, there are far more choices for writing quality software compared to 10 years ago. That is certainly a good thing because competition forces big players, such as Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft, to continue to innovate and not get complacent. NET embraced other technologies and methodologies, many of them open source, with the original Web Forms fading into history.

    NET framework continues to evolve , breaking new frontiers with libraries for multi-threading and many-core computing. With the imminent release, the core of the framework will be open-source and portable to non-Windows platforms, which is a step in the direction of inclusiveness and transparency.

    Going with the Microsoft stack brings the excitement of working with modern languages and frameworks plus the stability of being backed by a software giant with decades of experience in the development industry. This is why I am recommending the Microsoft stack today.

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