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What is superstition?

Why this is superstitious is plain. If both of them are equally all-knowing, how come they disagree? In such a scenario, given that everyone does not have easy access to yogic methods, subscription to a particular viewpoint becomes more a function of personal fondness for the philosopher and less a function of the truth his philosophy might contain.

Thus, authority comes to replace common sense and the written word, to replace first hand enquiry. The penchant for clothing speculations, even sensible ones, as yogic insights, leads to privatisation of common sense and total intellectual disempowerment — ingredients enough to throttle sincere science. The historical roots of how this science-negating worldview gained currency in the field of ayurveda are worth exploring.

The story dates back to almost a hundred years. In , the then Government of the Madras presidency constituted a committee to report on the question of recognition and encouragement of the indigenous systems of medicine. The committee, under the chairmanship of Muhammad Usman, did exemplary work and produced an elaborate report that is even today valuable for the vivid pictures of ayurvedic practice it documents.


Captain G Srinivasa Murti, a well regarded doctor trained in modern medicine, was its secretary. Subscription offers. Subscription sign in. Read latest edition. UK Edition. US Edition. Log in using your social network account. Please enter a valid password. Keep me logged in.

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Try Independent Premium free for 1 month See the options. Home News. Why Friday the 13th is the 'unluckiest day of the year' Roots of superstition can be traced back to arrest of Knights Templar in Middle Ages, subsequently burnt at the stake and condemning us all to misfortune for the wrongs done to them. Neil Dagnall and Ken Drinkwater Why some people believe in superstitions.

Fallen Brazilian business mogul offers gold to the Queen of the Sea. Weird News. Friday the 13th: Where does it come from and why do we still care? Armed only with a small knife and a loyal dog, man beats bear in. This Britain. You have be warned: Friday the 13th and other superstitions It's that unlucky time of year again. Maldives vote-rigging row after 'black magic coconut' is found near The coconut was placed near a polling booth in an alleged bid to disrupt the upcoming elections.

Black magic murder: Fury in India over killing of anti-superstition.

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Crossrail tunnel project uncovers ancient burial ground - including. Laura Robson: Will finding the right shower cubicle help Britain's. Rhodri Marsden: Windows 8 U-turn based on nagging fear users will. Premier League. Archie Bland Hopefully my discontent with winter will be made glorious summer by. Art Larsen: Tennis player whose prodigious talents were matched by his. If you're in Iceland, keep the knitting inside the house. There's a local superstition that doing your needlework on on your doorstep will keep those temps frigid.

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Syria banned Yo-Yos in over fear that they would cause a drought. The jury is still out on fidget spinners.


Reconsider your TransformationTuesday plans. Getting a haircut on a Tuesday in India will cause bad luck , based on legend. Gifting yellow flowers in Russia means that you're cursing your friend with infidelity.

In Serbia, it's believed to bring good luck if you drip water behind a person. Dumping it on them is flat-out rude no matter where you are, however. Irish brides have been known to wear bells on their dresses to ward off evil spirits who might try to ruin their marriage — as opposed to relatives who have too many spirits and end up ruining the wedding.

Superstitious women in Rwanda don't eat goat meat over fear that it will cause them to grow facial hair. There's a Canadian superstition that expectant mothers who are craving fish but don't eat it will end up having a baby with a fish-head. There's a Korean superstition that nibbling unshapely food while pregnant means you will end up with an ugly baby. In Portugal, it's considered bad luck to walk backwards. The common belief is that if you do, you're showing the devil which way you're going. We're all fairly familiar with this one, but some may not know that the superstition dates back to medieval times.

The ladder, back then, symbolized the gallows where people were hanged. Full moons are commonly associated with chaos even if you're not convinced werewolves are, or ever were, real.

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  7. According to Bustle , it's a popular superstition in hospitals. An old wives' tale states that the best day to go to the hospital is, in fact, Hump Day.

    Beyoncé has a pre-show routine that lasts hours.

    According to The Local , in Italy, if you say the same word as someone in unison, you'll never get married yikes! To undo this bad juju, you must immediately touch your nose. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Getty Images.