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Mentees should clarify what they want. Before meeting with your mentors, mentees might consider writing down specific expectations and the role the mentee wants the mentor to play in your career.

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Great mentors can be found in a variety of places, so mentees might try looking outside their current immediate environment. Set up a meeting. Once a mentor has identified or has been assigned a potential mentor, the mentee should ask to meet and discuss a possible mentoring relationship. Asking for mentoring is an important step to make certain that both mentor and mentee are clear on the terms. This meeting should take place somewhere that is mutually comfortable and where you can speak in confidence.

Q2: What are the key elements which make a successful mentoring partnership?

Be clear with the mentor. Communicate the importance of mentoring to senior faculty members and include recognition of their mentoring in their evaluations. Provide opportunities for senior faculty members to enhance their mentoring skills through professional development workshops, conferences or mentoring by the chair. Establish a formal mentor or multiple mentors for each new faculty member.

Even new faculty members who join the department with tenure may be paired with a mentor.

The Elements of Mentoring

Such follow-up can include individual, separate meetings with the mentor and the mentee, as well as short written mentoring evaluation forms. Mentoring Relationships. Attention to Diversity. There are breaks frequently during the event, including a lunch break; also, you are free to leave the auditorium to take care of any needs you have at any time. Water is provided; when we break for lunch, there are a number of restaurants near the Salt Palace. Most of the seats at the event are on a first come first serve basis. Modest clothing is appropriate for attending our events.

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The event centered tends to run a little cool, so if you get cold easily consider bringing a jacket. We will provide you with the materials you need for the class; feel free to bring to a pen and your own water bottle. Please refrain from recording the event on your phone or other devices. What others are saying about The Art of Mentoring! The insights others had of me in this class were spot on. This was a spiritually guided event. Thank you! Alexander P. Thank you for helping me complete my understanding!

Megan R. As a state delegate, I had an opportunity to talk one on one this morning with a candidate for governor. When I hung up, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had just mentored him! That was an amazing realization. These skills somehow seeped into my soul. The outcome was beautiful.

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These dedicated individuals are actively engaged in the strategic planning and implementation of MENTOR programs and policies and serve as the organization's chief ambassadors for youth mentoring. The 5 Promises represent conditions children need to achieve adult success. This article relates to the promises highlighted below:. June 10, Building a successful mentoring program is challenging.

5 Key Elements for Your Mentoring Program

There are many of components to establish and oversee: the actual mentoring process; mentor recruitment and training; day-to-day operations; public relations efforts; fundraising activities; budget allocations; evaluative data collection and tracking; and more. This tool kit provides best practices and tools that you can implement from the start.

This tool kit outlines the Elements of Effective Practice and is your guide to implementing them. It is structured to aid both those who are starting a new program and those who seek to improve specific elements of an ongoing program.