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Society falls apart, along with families. Be an atheist if you want. But never make atheistic religion the forced religion of the day. This is a drive in the Democrat Socialist party. Trust me on this one. The number of those arrested were in the thousands. Promises of those other European governments promised to restore the old government if they won.

The enraged mob members then tried and executed people on the spot. Women and children were not spared. At this time Maximilien Robespierre had the former king Louis executed. Think of social media. If you support any opposition to the Democrat Socialist you are blocked or banned. While physical death is not taking place, the death of ideas is taking place.

The revolutionary government in France was at war. To replenish the armed forces of the revolutionary government leaders put into place national conscription laws. The conscription law was very unpopular. While Paris was a radical city, the rest of the country was more conservative. Rural areas held dearly to the idea of conservative ideas and Christianity. The difference in ideas led to a counter-revolution. This counter-revolution was led by those who still held to their Christian beliefs.

The French Revolution In A Nutshell

Now to draw your attention to present day America for a moment. This counter-revolution to present day happened in Tired of the changes in our country the people elected a man named Donald Trump was elected. The more conservative, even deplorable, voters spoke out in open rebellion. This, of course, has led to more radicals scraping for power. Okay back to France. Moderates still held slight control in Paris.

Paul McGarr

Maximilien Robespierre then called for his followers to radicalize. When he used fear to enrage his liberal group, he called for the removal of all moderates. On May 31, , radicals surrounded the National Convention. Maximilien Robespierre took total control. I would insert what has taken place in America during the election cycle.

They had no experience, and two of which were not natural born citizens. All three are calling for a revolution in America. They disrespect our national history, societal norms, and country. Keep voting for them and we will be much like what happened next in France. It may sound nice, but this special court was solely created to put on trial those who opposed their radical ideas. Spies and secret police were everywhere around Paris. People who dared to criticize the Radicals or their government were immediately put to death.

Anyone who expressed concern over former leaders or the church were executed.

A Socialist Journal

Think of our society today. We are told to use words like cisgendered. It is the stupidest thing I can think of, but it is pushed. Companies literally endorse mental illness. Women are also being told to hate men. Men are seen as evil oppressors. Again while we are not being physically executed, the norms of society are being killed.

Open a door for a woman and you may be berated by any of this new democrat socialist in society. To stifle Christianity Maximilien Robespierre created a new religion. They had removed the former government under the promises of peace, equality, and liberty. What they got in return was oppression, jailing, and death. Ilhan Omar thinks rules do not apply to her, so she can commit tax fraud. AOC lies constantly with propaganda. All centered around herself. You are nothing more than a means of power to them. This all came to a head when more moderates realized that Robespierre was too radical.

Moderates worked their way back into power, and Maximilien Robespierre was executed. The promises of equality and freedom just led to more bloodshed, violence, and oppression. In the end, corruption reigned. Society was turned inside out. Sadly, men did not even know how to properly greet a woman. Social anarchy was the rule of the day. The saddest part is this was all under the promise of equality and liberty. Terror was found, not liberty. Democrat Socialists and the French Revolution have very many similarities.

If America is to be the city set on a hill, we have to crush the new Democrat Socialist party in America. It cannot simply be voted out of office. The impact on society has already changed our standards. Remember we let a hack unemployed football player force a company to remove a shoe from store shelves. A shoe that features our national symbol created by a woman. If we are going to remain America, we must learn the lesson from history.

If you let radicals take control, they will control you. Their promises are empty, and you will be in a worse condition than you were before. Pontificator of Common Sense Listen.

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David Marks July 13, Podcast. He was criticized by the elites for his insistence on seeing patients in person rather than diagnosing and treating patients on paper. Marat was actually ahead of his time in thinking patients should play a role in their own care. His physics lectures were attended by figures like Benjamin Franklin.


Most of the book, however, is devoted to showing Marat as a committed revolutionary propagandist and agitator, through his daily newspaper Ami du Peuple Friend of the People. This gave him enormous influence and popularity, particularly amongst the sans-culottes literally, without breaches , or the urban laboring classes. Marat, on the other hand, saw them as part of the problem. He saw the early stages of the revolution as being incomplete because although the monarchy had been pushed back, the new institutions were dominated by the rich.

Without a second, more radical stage, the rich would compromise with the monarchy and end the revolution violently. For the revolution to continue and win, these institutions would have to be replaced with ones that prioritized the interests of the poor. Marat was concerned that the poor and oppressed might become satisfied with political reforms and not take the revolution into this second stage.

He consciously decided to become more provocative. I have to keep you from falling into the abyss. Five or six hundred heads chopped off would assure you peace, liberty and happiness. A false humanitarianism has restrained your arms and has prevented you from striking such blows.

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That will cost the lives of millions of your brothers. Let your enemies triumph for an instant and torrents of blood will flow.

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Marat was often ahead of others in predicting events. Just to prove there was no misunderstanding, Louis, thinking his escape was guaranteed, left a manifesto behind that laid out his plans to defeat the revolution by force. This sealed his fate. He had a vast network of sources available to him, some within the palace walls.

Popular Violence in the French Revolution: Revolt, Retribution and the Slide to State Terror

More importantly, he had the ability to see class interests more clearly than most of his contemporaries. Figures such as the king, LaFayette, and others were interested in stopping the revolution after the achievement of formal political equality.

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But they feared social equality. Marat also knew that if the counterrevolution was successful, even the political equality they had won was at risk. As the revolution moved forward and election by delegates was replaced by direct democracy, the character of the legislative bodies changed. The Left, the Jacobin Club, and even Marat himself gained seats and were able to fight for policy. The majority could now be won to the interests of the working people. This was no sellout by Marat. When the time was right, he no longer held the people of Paris back, but encouraged the more radical phase of the revolution that brought the Jacobin republic into being.

Despite his strengths, Marat had one major weakness: he never organized his followers into a distinct political force as Robespierre did. When Marat was assassinated on July 13, , it did not mean the end of the revolution.